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The Holy Family's Journey in Egypt
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We hope that through these pages you will get a taste of the unique and largely unknown traditions and culture that has grown up from the time when the young Jesus and his family travelled through Egypt. As you explore the locations - many of which are never visited by Westerners - we hope that you will develop an understanding for traditional and ancient Christian life in Egypt, the inclusive nature of folk traditions, and the place of Christians in Egyptian society. If you visit the sites you will also experience a genuine hospitality that is rarely experienced elsewhere in the world.
While we hope you enjoy visiting this site - and sharing it with your family and friends. Our ultimate goal is to encourage you to come to Egypt and visit the Holy Family locations for yourselves. This will greatly enhance your understanding of Egypt's most prominent Christian tradition and also help you to develop a greater awareness of the need for all of us, especially in the world today, to have a much greater awareness of other cultures and traditions, as well as an openness to dialogue between different religions. communities and countries - we feel sure that this would be a great step towards peace in the Middle East and many other places around the world.
Your Guide - Drs Cornelis (Kees) Hulsman
Your guide - Drs Cornelis (Kees) Hulsman Drs Cornelis (Kees) Hulsman (pictured left during one of the tours) comes from the Netherlands although he has spent most of his time since 1976 in Egypt. He studied development sociology at Leiden University and subsequently occupied several leading positions in Dutch emigration organizations during the period 1987 to 1994. He has been married to his wife, Sawsan, for over 20 years and they have four children. [more...]

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